Sabine Hegerl | project performance & communicatin


My passion is a succesful communication. During my longtime practice as a specialist in restructuring, reorganisation and M&A, I've noticed that often the wrong key points are being mentioned. Analysis of the balance sheets, key performance indicators, coast cutting programmes and legal reviews are not sufficient to restore or ensure the competitiveness of companies in the market: The key to succes is the ability of companies to recognise problems and to work with them to turn them into a successful communication!

In my twenty years activity as an attorney/mediator I've got to known to: Dispense justice and to get justice are two completely different issues. The condition for a sustainable and quick solution is a vital cooperation between all involved parties in a case, a project or a conflict. This valuable communication is not possible in courts.

These experiences have taught me: That communication is the key for a sustainable project performance. Therefore my main focus today lies on alternative dispute resolution, project coaching and the development of expertise in managing process changes and crises. On one hand my job is to be the one providing impulses which are stimulating the existing problem solving skills. On the other hand I see myself in the role of a facilitator and coach, who will lead you through the process of bringing existing potentials to the surface.

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